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BVA AWF is the charity led by the veterinary profession. We aim to improve the welfare of animals through veterinary science, education and debate. Our trustees are qualified vets, which makes them ideally placed to identify practical solutions to animal welfare problems. We fund animal welfare research and education and produce an informative range of pet care advice.


The RSPCA is the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in the world. In 2010, the RSPCA investigated nearly 160,000 cruelty complaints and gave more than 65,000 animals a chance of a new home and life.


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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was established to provide independent and informed expert advice on the welfare issues of dog breeding. Its remit embraces all types of dogs and its focus includes problems arising from negligent large or small scale breeding as well as issues arising from inbreeding and selection for extremes of conformation.


The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is the national representative body for the veterinary profession in the United Kingdom. In promoting and supporting the interests of our members, and the animals under their care, we are committed to developing and maintaining channels of communication with government, parliamentarians, the media and the public.


The Companion Animal Welfare Council is a national expert body that offers independent advice on companion animal (pet) welfare to Governments and other organisations. It plays an important national role by identifying problems and priorities, making society aware of these, developing high-level strategy for tackling problems, and by stimulating and encouraging action and monitoring progress.

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the UK's leading dog welfare charity. We care for over 16,000 stray, unwanted and abandoned dogs every year through our 17 Rehoming Centres in the UK and one in Dublin. Dogs Trust has a non-destruction policy, and will never put a healthy dog to sleep. The charity is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. For more information, please visit www.dogstrust.org.uk


Leading veterinary charity, PDSA, provides free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and promotes responsible pet ownership. The charity operates through a UK-wide network of 50 PetAid hospitals and nearly 380 PetAid practices. Last year, PDSA PetAid hospitals provided more than 2.3 million free treatments and sold more than 360,000 preventive treatments, such as vaccinations.


The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare works internationally to improve animals' lives by promoting and supporting developments in the science that underpins advances in animal welfare and through disseminating information by organising meetings and by publishing books, web-based animal welfare information, and the journal Animal Welfare..